Wearable Wednesday: The Mover Kit

Wearable Wednesday: The Mover Kit

When we came across this great wearable for kids, we knew we had to share it with you. This London based tech startup says that “65% of children currently in school will have jobs that do not exist yet” – wow! Technology Will Save Us is working to prepare those kids for their future jobs by making educational kits for kids that children build and code themselves. We spoke with the Technology Will Save Us team who told us more.

Describe Technology Will Save Us.

Technology Will Save Us is on a mission to spark the creative imagination of young people using hands ­on technology. We create award winning make ­it ­yourself kits and digital tools that help kids all over the world to make, play, code and invent using technology.

Technology Will Save Us conducts extensive research projects funded by organizations like NESTA, Google and Mozilla, to understand what young people love doing and what helps them develop skills outside of school. Its inspiring and iconic products are sold at educational institutions such as MoMA in New York and The Science Museum in London. The team at Technology Will Save Us also designed the BBC micro:bit – a tech learning tool commissioned by the global broadcaster and given to 1 million young people in the UK.   

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What inspired you to start Technology Will Save Us?

The design-led company was created in 2012 by the wife and husband team of Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann. It has since sparked the imagination of children in over 97 countries. Technology Will Save Us works closely with children to design its kits, engaging in large scale research projects before beginning on design & manufacture.

Bethany is a mom, CEO, designer, educator and art director interested in creating brands, businesses and experiences that help imaging a more positive and collaborative future.

Daniel is a dad, artist, educator and entrepreneur who uses technology as a vehicle for delivering human centred learning experiences.

Tell us about your Mover Kit.

Mover Kit is an educational toy that kids build and code themselves that reacts to movement with light. It encourages imagination and play through movement and activity while teaching kids fundamental skills around programming, electronics and how to solve problems creatively with computational thinking. It’s the first educational wearable that kids make and code. The Mover Kit was launched on Kickstarter and raised $129,311 with 1,822 backers in 87 countries and it was funded in the first 2 days!

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The Mover Kit comes with all the components needed for assembly, including the brightly colored LEDs, printed circuit board and rechargeable battery. There’s a snap band that allows kids to attach it to their wrist, their scooter or even the dog. To accompany the wearable, we’ve also created an inspiring and educational ‘Make’ platform filled with projects that help kids invent and code with their Mover Kit. Its functions are endless – from making running more fun to bringing joy to teeth brushing or creating a flashing light sabre. Mover Kit’s colored lights respond to movement and encourage active play.

The Mover Kit joins a family of kits at Technology Will Save Us, all designed to spark the creative imagination of kids aged 4-16.

What sets Technology Will Save Us apart from other companies in the space?

Technology Will Save Us is one of the world’s most exciting technology start-ups focused on learning. It creates affordable products that are simple, fun, educational toys that challenge and motivate kids in ways that they love – through creativity, imagination and activity. We want young people to feel simultaneously challenged and successful whilst learning fundamental skills for their future.

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Where can we buy your products?

The Mover Kit and the whole range of products can be bought on our website.

What can we expect next from Technology Will Save Us?

Our most recent product launches include the BBC Micro:bit that we designed in partnership with ARM, Microsoft, Samsung and the BBC and was given to 1M, 12 year olds in the UK this year and is now available for sale on our website. We are also excited to start the production for  the new Mover Kit, Our East London Mini factory houses a team of 26 content creators, product specialists, sales gurus, production experts, educators, engineers, designers and developers. We’re passionately working towards building the most accessible and entertaining brand for the creator generation so watch this space.

Check out the Technology Will Save Us website and watch the video below to learn more!

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