Student-Led Fashion Tech Hackathon

Student-Led Fashion Tech Hackathon

We told you about this event last year and are still impressed that this hackathon at Kent State is student-led and free for all attendees (not to mention it’s 60% female participation rate!) We talked with Madeline Farina, Kent State’s Fashion / Tech Hackathon organizer, to get the scoop on this year’s event.

Tell us about Kent State University’s Fashion Tech Hackathon.

Kent State’s Fashion / Tech Hackathon is the first collegiate fashion-focused hackathon. Our hackathon is a weekend-long event in which students work in teams of 1-4 to create some kind of tech project such as an app, website, or some kind of hardware. The Fashion / Tech Hackathon is encouraging students from all backgrounds to explore the intersection of fashion and technology, by creating wearable or retail tech related products. It’s a really cool opportunity for students who don’t study computer science to experience a hackathon. Last year, 40% of students were fashion students, 40% were computer science students, and 20% were from other majors.

We welcome students from different schools to participate as well. Students have come from schools such as Parsons, FIT, Case Western Reserve University, Drexel, and more. Our hackathon also boasts a 60% female participation rate, which is much higher than most hackathons. {Editor’s note: Love it!}

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When and where is the event being held and who should attend?

The Fashion / Tech Hackathon is being held at Kent State in the Fashion School. The event starts on Friday, January 27th and ends on Sunday, January 29th. College students from all over the country are invited to register no matter what their major.

The great thing about Hackathons is that students don’t need to be masters at coding or hardware to participate. They are for people to come and learn about the possibilities of technology and fashion and to get creative.

Where do people register for the Fashion Tech Hackathon?

People can register for the hackathon online here.

To learn more go about Kent State’s Fashion / Tech Hackathon go here and watch last year’s event highlights below. We are excited to see what these students create! 

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