Fashion Tech Startup: Meet VivTote

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet VivTote

Online fashion rental companies such as Rent The Runway and Le Tote (to name a few), have become popular among consumers. This fashion tech startup focuses specifically on providing their users designer handbags and jewelry to rent or buy. We spoke with Arushi Agrawal, founder and CEO of VivTote, to learn more about their platform. 

Describe VivTote.

VivTote {Editor’s note: heads up–that link autoplays music!} is a platform for women to discover, rent and buy latest styles of designer handbags and jewelry through a personalized membership service.

It offers easy at-home access to the latest fashion accessories with unlimited exchange, all for a small monthly fee.

What inspired you to start VivTote?

Women always struggle to pick the right piece with so many options, designer labels and styles at display in busy malls. It is overwhelming and time consuming to shop. Even if they do spend a lot to buy a few pieces the likelihood they would use it again is very low.

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I had the same exact problem when shopping for an upcoming event and that’s when it struck me that we could leverage technology to solve the puzzle of not only having the stylist pick up the right piece for me, but also be able to wear many more styles without always having to buy them.

That was the ‘ah ha’ moment and the company was born. With my technical background as an engineer working at Microsoft I could visualize how the solution would work and was able to get the company started to make the dream of limitless luxury closet come true.

Tell us about your personalized membership service.

VivTote is a personalized subscription to a very large collection of designer handbags and jewelry from name brands like Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff and more and also from emerging brands. For a small monthly fee, women get stylist recommended 3-4 pieces of products that they can use and return after a couple weeks. If they love something they can buy it for a discounted rate.

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What sets VivTote apart from other fashion tech companies?

Women often lose out on what fashion brands have to offer for either lack of time, knowledge or limited money. At VivTote we believe all women should have access to designer brands and be able to flaunt them in their daily life irrespective of their constraints. VivTote not only gives them access to a large collection of handbags and jewelry but also selects the right pieces to match their style. We offer designer rental, hyper personalization, and online stylists at an affordable price point of only $40/month, made possible by focusing only on accessories and custom packaging leading to high customer lifetime value.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

Our biggest challenge has been building out inventory and keeping up with the latest styles. There have been times when our customers have been on waitlist for over weeks.

At this point we are reinvesting our revenue in the business and continuously building the inventory to live up to the promise of a truly limitless closet. Our partnership with premium brands for both handbags and jewelry has helped us get access to the latest styles even before they have been launched to the public by the brands themselves

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VivTote founder and CEO Arushi Agrawal.

What can we expect from VivTote in the future?

We want to simplify the lives of women and make it as easy as possible for them to get access to the latest styles.

We are exploring partnerships with local boutique stores which may act as our physical stores where women could rent and drop off sets to allow them to have more choice and reduce the effort required in shipping and waiting for the next set.

For our readers: use discount code “TWF50” for 50% off the first month of VivTote monthly subscription. This discount code is valid until March 31st, 2017.

Learn more about VivTote by visiting their website and watching the video below.

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