NYFTLab Tech Runway Demo Day

NYFTLab Tech Runway Demo Day

Remember when we introduced you to the New York Fashion Tech Lab class of 2017? Last week they held their 2017 Tech Runway Demo Day. Exciting stuff!

As a reminder of what New York Fashion Tech Lab is:

The New York Fashion Tech Lab (NYFTL) was launched in 2014 in partnership with leading fashion and retail brands, targeting women-led early and growth stage companies developing innovations at the intersection of fashion, retail and technology. The 12-week program will take place from March – June 2017. Through a competitive process, the lab’s fashion and retail partners, Springboard Enterprises, and lab team members review submissions, and invite a number of companies to in-person interviews where ultimately six to ten companies are selected to enter the program.

The nine female-led tech startups were debuted on June 14th at TIME INC in New York City.

Our 2017 Lab Companies presented their fashion forward technology products to over 250 invited guests. The 9 female founded tech companies have developed market solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning, visual search, IOT augmented and virtual reality and related technologies.

Here are the nine female-led companies that presented:

FINDMINE // This startup scales outfitting across a fashion retailer’s enterprise. Their automated “Complete the Look” technology creates complete outfits around each product.

Zeekit // Zeekit’s platform “enables fashion shoppers to virtually see themselves in new outfits and get size recommendation while shopping online, and takes the guessing out of the apparel shopping experience.”

Point 93 // This startup leverages a novel form of dynamic pricing to enable a dialogue between retailers and their individual customers.

CameraIQ // “CameraIQ is a camera technology platform that empowers marketers to utilize the mobile Camera and AR technology for content and commerce.”

Markable // Markable bridges the gap between digital media content and e-commerce, making visual search a reality on every digital photo and video across any platform.

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E-Contenta // This startup is a personalized online marketing service. They “conduct analyses of people on the internet and figure out what each person would like to watch, listen to, read and buy.”

Awear Solutions // Awear Solutions introduces a smart tag technology that enables fashion brands to discover, engage and even mobilize their consumers and reward them for being their real brand ambassadors.

Obsess // Obsess is a Virtual Reality platform for experiential shopping. Their “mission is to replace today’s generic and utilitarian e-commerce user interfaces with custom, discovery-based, immersive shopping experiences using VR as the medium.”

Snap Tech // This London-based visual search company offers world-class visual search tools for publishers, retailers and influencers in the fashion industry and beyond.

Congrats to the NYFTLab class of 2017 on a successful Demo Day! We can’t wait to see what else you create as your startups continue to develop.

Learn more about NYFTLab by visiting their website or watching the video below.

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