We’re Third Wave Fashion.</br>Nice to meet you!

We’re Third Wave Fashion.
Nice to meet you!

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What we do:

We offer our membership program for fashion brands and technology companies who want to do amazing things with cutting edge technologies, wearable tech, content + commerce integrations, and retail innovation.

Through our consultancy, we help brands build out their future-facing strategies–through strategic consulting, education, and product development.

We’ve been your global fashion tech think tank since 2011.

Third Wave Fashion was founded to help smart people like you to manage the breakneck speed with which fashion and technology are converging. We do things like provide guidance to giant tech companies about how to enter the wearable tech market, teach luxury fashion brands how to successfully partner with the new breed of fashion tech startups, and oh yeah: we publish a beautiful magazine about fashion tech + wearables.

We’re not in this business because it’s trendy.

We would never yap your ear off about “e-commerce omni-channel 2.0” or whatever today’s buzzword is–and we’re decidedly not obsessed with fashion bloggers. We have our sights set 10 years in the future, so that we can help you build beautiful, robust technologies today.

We look at all technology, online and offline, and how it’s changing the world. We have relationships with hundreds of fashion tech startups. We know what’s next. There’s no such thing as future-proof, but that’s never stopped us from trying. We’ve been called “fashion futurists” and “warriors in stilettos”, but you can call us Third Wave Fashion.

We’re here because we’re experts.

We develop smart products and partnerships, offer practical strategies, produce insider events, create intelligent content, and provide expert consulting & education about fashion tech, wearables, and the future of commerce. We make fashion + tech play fabulously together. Want to make something amazing?

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