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  • About Third Wave Fashion

    Third Wave Fashion was founded by in 2011 to help our clients manage the breakneck speed with which fashion and technology are converging.

    We’re not in this business because it’s trendy; we’re here because we’re experts.

    We don’t just focus on ‘digital’ or ‘2.0’; we have our sights set on the future. We look at all technology, online and offline, and how it’s changing the world. We have relationships with hundreds of fashion tech startups. We know what’s next.

    We believe in long term relationships with our clients. We learn and grow, and it’s our business to help them learn and grow, too. We work hard to add real and lasting value to our clients and to the world around us.

Above, our founder Liza Kindred talks about the world of fashion tech to Entrepreneur Magazine.

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At a Glance:

Founded: 2011
Founder: Liza Kindred
Headquarters: NYC

Fashion Tech, Future of Commerce, Fashion Tech Startups, Future Technologies, Wearable Tech, Digital Innovation

Fashion Tech Reports, Fashion Tech Startups Database, Future of Commerce Book

Strategic Consulting, Education, Speaking

Meetup Group, Newsletter, Blog

  • We Educate.

    We’ve taught thousands of people about fashion tech and the future of commerce through workshops, lectures, and customized internal educational events. Our founder speaks around the globe about the future of fashion and the future of commerce.

  • We Get People Talking.

    When there’s something worth talking about, we want people shouting in from the rooftop. We’re not a PR agency (although we can help you find a great one). We do, however, know exactly what’s newsworthy in the fashion tech world and who will want to know about it. We’ve gotten press for our clients in the following outlets:

    Cosmo, Fast Company, Allure, HuffPo, Time Style, Refinery 29, Guest of a Guest, NY Times, WSJ Marketwatch, Red Book, PR Couture, Fashionnotes, The High Low, and many more.

  • We Build Sites.

    Our team built beauty tech startup Lacquerous from the ground up; it currently has a waiting list of over 5,000. Our multi-device strategist designed Entertainment Weekly’s mobile website and People Magazine’s mobile interfaces for web, iOS, and Android. We’re really good at this.

  • We Inform.

    Every month, we produce the only fashion tech reports around – they’re beautiful and packed full of information. Hundreds of top companies read our weekly newsletters, and thousands follow along with us on social media. Journalists come to us for insights about fashion + technology. Need to know this world? We’ve got you covered.

    Start by making sure that your company is subscribed to our reports.

  • We Broker Partnerships.

    Large brands and startups alike hire us to help sort through the noise and help develop the prefect partnerships. We have a laser-like focus on our clients end goals when we tap into our extensive network.

  • We're Third Wave Fashion.

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