Wearable Tech

Everyone loves to talk about wearable tech–and to talk about how many billions there are to be made–but if wearables are so great, why are so many unwearable? We see a better way, one that finally goes beyond strapping a screen on your wrist–or throwing a sensor in a plastic bracelet. We believe in creating real insight, joy, and utility with this most personal of technologies—for broadcast, interaction, privacy, tracking, and more. The landscape is fractured, the technology is burgeoning, and the real adoption is just getting started.

Read about the ideas, technologies, and products that you need to know to navigate this new world. And be sure to stay tuned–our founder, Liza Kindred, and our advisor, Josh Clark, are writing the book about design principles for wearable tech and IoT. We’ve worked with companies like Cisco, Bergdorfs, and Hearst–and we’ll help you make something amazing.

Video: The Microsoft Band // Liza on Tech & The City

Microsoft launched a new wearable, the Microsoft Band–and there are several reasons why the move is interesting. Our founder went on Tech & The City to speak to Natasha Friis Saxberg about it. Here’s the video: Third Wave Fashion has been your…
The World’s First Ever Fashion Tech Database

The World’s First Ever Fashion Tech Database

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve launched the world’s first fashion tech database. Not only that – we’ve launched the first ever monthly fashion tech reports. Now you can know everything we know! Our database has over ten thousand…
4 Wearable Tech Innovations We Witnessed This Year

4 Wearable Tech Innovations We Witnessed This Year

We love innovation and absolutely encourage it.  However, lately we’re seeing an abundance of outrageous wearable technology. Some are really cool and can be used right now like the Adidas miCoach Monitor and Supernova Sports Bra (where you can monitor your…
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