Fashion Tech Database

Our proprietary fashion tech database took five years to develop–and tracks millions of data points.

Developed over the last five years, our proprietary fashion tech database tracks thousands of startups globally, monitors meta trends in business models, and follows the key people in our industry.

Consumers are holding brands to a higher level of expectation based on convenience, customized needs and curated experiences.  Traditional businesses are scrambling to meet the new demands and new businesses are trying to find a place in the market.  All of this instability has forced business owners and brands to rethink strategy.  New business models have emerged–and we currently track 37 of those innovative business models.

Brands are inundated constantly with new technologies and startups. It can be difficult to decide which technologies–and which startups–are really paving the way, and which make the most sense to partner with. By combining information parsed from our database with our personal network, we can offer highly relevant and contextual information to help you make the best decisions possible.

We use our extensive database to parse millions of data points and find the most compelling and important information that you need to know, now.


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