Need to know about fashion tech?

Our membership program for top brands opens the door to cutting edge information, original research, and our expansive networks of experts.

We’ve been educating and developing custom projects for leading edge fashion brands and technology companies since 2011. We’re hyper-focused on the future, brimming with information, and connectors in a connected world.

We’re considered among the top experts in the world on fashion tech, wearable tech, and the future of retail. Now, we’re launching an exclusive membership program to share all of this with you.

We’re different than other companies: we focus on what the future will look like in ten years, and show you how to make strategic decisions now that will help set you up for true long term success.

Program Overview

In a world of increasing chaos and uncertainty, we’re here to help you future proof your business. Think of us as your smart, clever friend who always knows the right people and has a strong opinion on what matters.

We believe strongly in adding value to your business, so we focus on blending cutting edge technology and business trends, practical steps to take now to move your business into the future, and an understanding of the nuances and creativity of fashion. As a Third Wave Fashion member, you’ll enjoy four key facets of the program:


Monthly reports detailing the world of fashion tech and wearables right now; in-depth specialized reports on 10 different topics annually, with accompanying webinars; and the ability to commission customized reports on the topics of your choice.


In-office trend presentations; field trips to visit innovation labs, startup incubators, and more; and in-house workshops on a variety of topics.


We’re your connection to thousands of bleeding-edge technologists, fashion tech and wearable tech startup founders, and the best of your peer group. Attend private dinners and networking events, and get customized introductions.


We use a 192-point Trailblazer Innovation Index™ to create benchmarks in the areas that will matter most in the near and distant future. Members receive customized benchmark reports and recommendations for improvement. For those looking to partner with startups or invest in new technologies, we offer due diligence and recommendations, as well as one-on-one consulting sessions with our founder.


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